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Thomas Meany (personal website)

Sharing projects I work on and a bit about me


I am director at OpenCell London. We build biotech labs in shipping containers. I enjoy working accross disciplines, especially at the intersection of biology/software/hardware. You can follow me on twitter where I post project updates etc. This webpage is mostly lecture material, my personal projects, some project ideas and my bio.

This year (Oct 2019 - June 2020) I am lecturing on Biofashion at the Royal College of Art. I’ll be using this webpage to share the lecture materials and project work. Two things that really matter to me are opensource learning materials accessible to all and making those materials easy to use. So if you are based in a country where English is not your first language please let me know if there are ways I can help? In particular I would like to increase accessibility for Mandarin speakers. If you speak Mandarin please reach out!

RCA Coursework/lectures

  1. Week 9th October - How to do a Literature Review Lit review used to involve libraries. Not anymore. Google, Mendeley, Ctrl+F and MSword (or latex) are your friends.
  2. Week 23rd October - Build Your Own Computer A workshop where participants will participate in the building of three different types of computer/laptop. We will then do a crash course on getting started with coding.
  3. Week 30th October - Forage and Culture Mycelia A workshop delivered by Ashley Granter, Founder of Natura Studios.
  4. Week 8th November - Design with the Living SYMPOSIUM @ Design Museum Exhibition and as a part of the Design Museum London’s courses and workshops.
  5. Week 20th Novermber - Dying Clothes with Bacteria A hands on workshop using Streptomyces to produce Indigo.

The projects I am working on right now

The projects I want to work on soon

Bit of Background


I am founder/director at OpenCell London, where we build biotech labs in shipping containers. Prior to this I had founded another biotech Cell-Free Technology where we developed tools for high throughput protein analysis.

I was an Wellcome Interdisciplinary Fellow, jointly hosted by the Biotechnology Dept (Hall Lab) and the Plant Sciences Dept (Haseloff Lab), developing hardware for synthetic biology. My previous role was as a research scientist for the Toshiba Cambridge Research Labs and Cavendish Labs as a Marie Curie Fellow (PICQUE) developing quantum technologies. I completed my PhD on the direct laser inscription of quantum photonic circuits in glass microchips in the the group of Michael J. Withford and M. J. Steel in the Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS), Australia. I did my B.Sc (1st) in the National University of Ireland, Galway. I first fell in love with optical physics (especially lasers) during an summer internship in École Polytechnique in the LOA with the group of Gilles Cheriaux. I like drumming and rowing.

Academic Publications

Research Gate Google Scholar Orcid ID: 0000-0002-9055-3893 ArXiv

Peer Reviewed

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  5. T. Meany , D. N. Biggerstaff (joint first authors), M. A. Broome, A. Fedrizzi, M Delanty, A. Gilchrist, M. J. Steel, A White and M. J. Withford, “Engineering integrated photonics for heralded quantum gates,” Scientific Reports 6, 25126 (2016).

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  8. T. Meany, S. Gross, A. Arriola, N. Janovic, M. J. Steel, and M. J. Withford, “Towards low loss lightwave circuits for non-classical optics at 800 nm and 1550 nm,” (Invited) Applied Physics A, 114, 113-118 (2013).

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Non-Peer Reviewed (general interest)


Reach out at thomas[dot]meany1[at]gmail[dot]com or info[at]opencell[dot]bio